We're not like most flooring stores, and many of our customers will tell you that it's our service that makes the difference, as this one discovered first-hand:

"After calling a couple of stores in our area, I hired Nationwide Carpeting and Flooring to install about 1,000 square feet of Mullican hardwood flooring.  We were very happy with the way it looked, but within a few months, some sections of the floor began to squeak whenever we walked on them. We called Nationwide for advice.  

Butch came out the next day.  Upon close inspection he determined that some of the floor board tongues were defective. He let us know that the floor’s manufacturer offers a 5 year warranty against such defects.  He secured a copy of the manufacturer’s claim form, and even helped us compete the necessary paperwork!

The manufacturer sent an inspector to our house to process the claim.  He was only there for a few minutes; and a few weeks later we were very disappointed to learn that the claim still had not been processed.

The story might have ended there, but Nationwide really went to bat for us.  Over the next three months they went back and forth with the manufacturer, resubmitting the claim again and again until the manufacturer finally agreed to replace the flooring. Nationwide even waived the complete cost of installing the replacement, even though they were under no obligation to do so.

We couldn’t be happier with our new floor, or with the great service we got from Nationwide."

- Michael G.